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Troy City Council approves bid for Tri-Township Park Trail Extension

By Josh Jones
Times Tribune Editor 

TROY — The Troy City Council approved a bid of $574,445 from K.R.B. Excavating for the Tri-Township Park Trail Extension to U.S. Senator Paul Simon Park project during its recent February meeting. 

According to the city engineer’s report, the project is known as “Wynona Trail – Connection from the Park to West Clay Street”. The  project is to extend the Tri Township Park Trail from its termini at Wickliffe to Paul Simon Park at IL-162. The trail will run along Wynona and Sarah Street and IL-162. A small parking lot is planned at Sarah Street and IL-162. The short section of road from Sarah to Illinois is planned to be closed. 

There were eight bidders for the project including RCS Construction ($610,299), Hanks Excavating ($713,975), Baxmeyer Construction ($621,061), Keller Construction ($730,291), DMS Contracting ($652,707), Stutz Excavating ($661,665), Shores Builders ($792,980) and K.R.B. 

City Engineer Tom Cissell said that he didn’t like that the low bidder surpassed his engineer’s estimate, but did not see it as worth rebidding. 

“We had eight bidders. My estimate was $530,000 and some change and K.R.B. was the low bidder at $574,000 and some change,” Cissell said. “All the bids, and we got a lot of them, were higher than that, but they were all kind of packed into a certain range… That is a good bid out of eight reputable contractors, it is not worth, in my opinion, rebidding that.” 

It was noted that the city is getting $320,000 reimbursed regarding the project. The city received a $220,000 MEPRD Bicycle and Pedestrian Grant and a $100,000 ACT Community Action Plan Grant for the trail extension from the park to West Clay Street via Wynona.

City Administrator Jay Keeven gave his thoughts on the city moving forward with the project. 

“City/staff are excited that the council has approved that bid,” Keeven said. “That truly does tie our downtown into the Tri-Township Park through the trail system and then it will eventually tie us into the greater trail system throughout all of Madison County. We want people to be able to walk to our restaurants, walk to our downtown shops and bike to our restaurants and bike to our downtown shops, you have to have a safe connector. This connector is going to be awesome because it gets you from our downtown area via foot traffic or bicycle right into the Tri-Township Park.”

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